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  Warehouse Guy 1.0 Overview

Warehouse Guy is a free Sokoban game for desktop PC's running Windows and Palm-size PC's running Windows CE 2.x. It features more than 350 levels, support for loading external level collections and unlimited undo and redo.

Warehouse Guy is based on KSokoban, the free Sokoban game for KDE. For more information about KSokoban, visit


Sokoban is a logic game where players push objects to their correct destinations in a number of different levels. At first glance, sokoban appears deceptively simple, yet you will soon come to appreciate the problem solving it requires.

Translating to 'warehouse keeper' in english, Sokoban originally involved organizing crates around a crowded warehouse. Since then, many versions of Sokoban have been written and additional sets of levels have been created. The levels range from very simple to extremely difficult and many can be found by searching the internet. We've made some of them available on our levels page.

Sokoban was invented by Hiroyuki Imabayashi in 1982 and is Copyright © 1982 by THINKING RABBIT Inc. JAPAN.

Warehouse Guy


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