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  TaskMaster 2.0 Overview

TaskMaster is a free application management tool for Palm-size PC's and PocketPC's. It gives you complete control over your currently running applications through a small, powerful yet easy to use interface.

TaskMaster replaces the show/hide desktop button on Palm-size PC's and the Start Menu icon on PocketPC's. Any of the following commands can be customized to occur when you single tap, tap and hold or tap and drag (up, down, left or right) on the TaskMaster icon:

  • Close all running applications
  • Close all but the current application
  • Close the current application
  • Activate the next application
  • Display the TaskMaster Menu
  • Display the Start Menu
  • Active the Desktop / Today screen
  • Display the TaskMaster options dialog
  • Exit TaskMaster

The TaskMaster Menu is also fully customizable and allows you to switch to any currently running application as well as perform any of the above commands.



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