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  PADD 1.2 Instructions

The PADD allows you to quickly launch up to 18 programs from it's main interface. Simply tap one of the three categories and then one of the six programs within it to launch the program. The four buttons at the bottom of the main interface behave as follows:

SETUP : Displays the setup screen, allowing you to customize the PADD.

TODAY/DESKTOP : Switches to the Today screen or Desktop, depending on the type of device you have. To switch back to the PADD, tap the tray icon on Palm-size PCs or the title bar icon on PocktePC's.

ABOUT : Displays the about screen.

OFF : Exits the PADD.

 Customizing the PADD

To customize the PADD, tap the SETUP button at the bottom of the main interface. When the setup screen is active, you can edit the names of the categories and which programs are listed for each category. Tap the APPLY button when you are done to save any changes you have made and return to the main interface.

To change a category name, tap the name of the category you wish to change. The category name will then appear in the edit box at the top of the screen. Tap the edit box and use the input panel to change the name. Hide the input panel when you are done.

To change a program listed in a category, tap the name of the category and then the name of the program you wish to change. The program name will appear in the drop down list above. Tap the drop down list to display a list of all the available programs. Select a new program from the list and it will replace the current program.

 Available Programs

The PADD generates the list of avialable programs by searching for all of the programs (or shortcuts) in the \\Windows\Start Menu folder of your device. If you have a program that is not listed in the PADD, you can use Window's Explorer on your desktop PC to copy it or create a shortcut to it in the \\Windows\Start Menu folder.

If you have a device that is not english, you'll have to create a folder called Start Menu in the \\Windows folder and add any programs (or shortcuts) to it that you want the PADD to list.

Note: If you make any of these changes, you will have to turn the PADD off and start it again for it to regenerate the list of available programs.


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