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Building a Better Mousetrap

Sometime in 2002 I had a mouse rooting around the house and set about building a live trap using LEGO to catch it. It sort of worked. The mouse triggered it once but managed to escape. It then decided to leave of it's own accord before I had a chance to improve the design.

So when another mouse moved in towards the end of 2006 it was with a great deal of excitement that I went about building a better mousetrap. Not more than half an hour after setting it up in my kitchen, with nothing more than some old bread as bait, did I hear the door snap shut and ran downstairs to find my first catch.

Of course it turned out there were two of the little guys running around. I caught the other one a couple of nights later. Both mice were released unharmed in a not so nearby wooded area.

Model Information
Model#: 5973
Completed: 11-27-2006

Length: 30 studs
Width: 16 studs
Height: 24 studs


Mousetrap Pressure Plate Trigger Catch

The trigger mechanism is fairly simple. When the mouse steps on the pressure plate, it pulls the axle assembly out from the door, which then falls down.

Release Door Door Open

The door is held closed by the magnets seen on each side. Luckily neither mouse was trapped for very long, as I heard it trigger both times, so they didn't have an opportunity to chew their way out.

Door Closed Captured Mouse


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