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Inspired by the motorized cows created by Erik Amzallag, which can be seen in his Brickshelf gallery.  I loved these so much that I planned to build a pair, using the instructions he provided, for one of ParLUGment's train layouts.  Unfortunately they turned out to be a little too large for my needs - but I was determined to get this amazing idea working with cows more to scale with the standard LEGO minifig.

Model Information
Model#: 5500
Completed: 10-4-2004
Pieces: 45

Length: 9 studs
Width: 2 studs
Height: 5 studs

Normal Cow
LDraw:5500cow.mpd Parts List:5500cowparts.htm
Instructions:5500cow.pdf - 148kb

The normal, non-motorized, version of the cow, great for populating any pasture land you may have.

Cow Three Cows Herd of Cows

Motorized Cows
LDraw:5501motorcows.mpd Parts List:5501motorcowsparts.htm
Instructions:5501motorcows.pdf - 156kb

Since these cows are too small to contain a micromotor, the micromotor needed to be placed 'underground'.  The instructions provided above result in the cows standing on a 2 brick high 'hill'.  The cows are controlled using a Mindstorms RCX and triggered with a light sensor that detects when the train passes.  Except for some changes to motor power and timing, the program used to control these cows is essentially the same as the one Erik provides in his Brickshelf gallery.

Waiting for the train More waiting for the train Watching the train

Video - 487kb Windows Media:5501motorcows.wmv - 552kb


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