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Micro Disk Harrow

Shortly after posting my micro tractor I was inspired to build some equipment to go with it.  This was the first implement I built, often simply referred to as a disk, which is used to cultivate soil.

This model can be a little delicate to put together, given the odd angles the clips connect to the central bar, but once constructed it actually stays together fairly well.

Model Information
Model#: 5455
Completed: 10-12-2005
Pieces: 27

Length: 5 studs
Width: 6 studs
Height: 2 studs

Construction Information

The construction information for this model has moved to the new site.

You can find it here.


Disk Harrow 1 Disk Harrow 2 Tractor with Disk Harrow 1


Tractor with Disk Harrow 2 Disk Harrow Instructions


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