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From the movie 2010: The Year We Make Contact, the Leonov is another of my favourite science fiction ships.  This model measures approximately 80 cm (31 inches) in length and is built to scale with my model of the Discovery.

The armature containing the habitat modules fully rotates and is powered by an internal motor and gearing system.  You can read about the making of the Leonov in the first issue of BrickJournal magazine.

Details of the model can be found with the images below, along with a video showing the armature in motion and construction information in LDraw format.

Model Information
Model#: 2010
Completed: 8-12-2004
Pieces: 3670

Length: 100 studs
Width: 48 studs
Height: 52 studs

Scale: 1:60

Construction Information
LDraw:2010leonov.mpd Parts List:2010leonovparts.htm

Windows Media:2010leonov.wmv405 Kb  




Cockpit Antenna Docking Clamp

The main antenna and docking clamp are fully posable. The docking clamp can be seen below with a section of the Discovery's spine, illustrating how it attaches.

Docking Clamp (docked) Detailing Armature

Details of the rotating armature, containing the habitat modules.

Habitat Module Armature Aft Connection Aft (before balloon deployment)

Images of the aft section (above and below), before and after the aerobraking balloons have been deployed.  The last image below shows the internal motor and gears which drive the central armature.

Aft (after balloon deployment) Engines Interior Motor Detail


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