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As seen in the motion pictures 2001: A Space Odyssey and 2010: The Year We Make Contact, the Discovery is one of my favourite science fiction vessels.  This model was over a year in the making and measures 185 cm (6 feet 1 inch) in length.

Details of the model can be found with the images below, along with construction information in LDraw format.

You can read about the making of the Discovery in the first issue of BrickJournal magazine.  Additional images can be seen in my brickshelf gallery.

Model Information
Model#: 2001
Completed: 3-18-2004
Pieces: 3861

Length: 232 studs
Width: 26 studs
Height: 36 studs

Scale: 1:60

Construction Information
LDraw:2001discovery.mpd Parts List:2001discoveryparts.htm



Each pod bay door in the command module is attached using a pair of magnets and can be easily removed. Three retractable platforms allow each pod to slide out for launch.

Command Sphere (front) Emerging Pod Command Sphere (back)

The top of the command module can be removed to reveal the detailed pod bay and habitat centrifuge, the two of which can also be separated.

Interior (front) Interior (back) Ring

The radar dish is fully posable and exhibits the full range of motion that is seen in the movie.

Radar Dish Radar Dish (down) Reactor

The ship and stand can be separated into four major sections for transportation. Disassembly and assembly can easily be done in less than a minute.

Reactor (side) Engines Sections


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